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Joey 2

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Schnauzer mix


8.7kg (19.2lbs)


4 Years (17/10/2023)




Grey / white

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More about me...

More about me

💙 Joey 💙

Age: 4 Years (17/10/2023)
Weight: 8.7kg (19.2lbs)
Sex: Male
Breed: Schnauzer mix

🐾 Meet the Adorable Joey - The Sweetest Schnauzer Mix 🐾

Meet Joey, the incredible 4-year-old Schnauzer mix who's winning hearts wherever he goes. This lovable boy is cherished by everyone lucky enough to meet him, and he's on the hunt for his forever home.

Joey was found in a bad condition on the streets he was rescued by some local volunteers who got him the medical help he needed. Everyone who met Joey on his road to recovery found him to be the most wonderful dog they had ever met. ❤️

Joey's gentle nature and friendly disposition make him an excellent choice for families and individuals alike. He gets along famously with other dogs and enjoys calm K9 companionship. His demeanour is just a tad shy and reserved, adding a touch of sweetness to this wonderful pup.

Despite his youthful age of only four years, Joey carries himself like a dignified older gentleman. It's as if he's been on this planet before and knows the secrets of spreading love and joy. You'll quickly find yourself falling in love with his mature, yet incredibly affectionate, personality.

One unique aspect about Joey is his preference for peace and tranquility during meal times. To ensure he's comfortable and relaxed, he should be fed separately if homed with another dog. This simple accommodation ensures a harmonious coexistence and a happy, well-fed Joey.

One of Joey's most exceptional qualities is his complete lack of aggression. He's the embodiment of kindness and is ready to become your faithful companion without a hint of hostility in his heart.

Joey weighs in at a charming 8.5 kilograms, making him the perfect size for snuggles and adventures. With him by your side, you'll find a loyal friend who's always up for a walk, a cuddle, or just a quiet evening on the couch.

Joey is healthy, vaccinated and ready for his forever home.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?

The adoption costs are $3,000 MXN for Mexican Nationals, $550 CND Canadian or $400 USD for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico. Adoption costs for dogs adopted in countries other than Mexico are $750 CND or $600 US dollars. Don't forget, wherever you live, to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.


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