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Matilda - RIP <3

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If you are looking for an older, relaxed, friendly and loving dog...Matilda is perfect for you!! She is a super chilled girl and she spends her days hanging out with her 5 puppy friends and Charlie the donkey and the neighbours chickens...she is great with them all. She is a little slow because she has problems with her back legs and for this reason, she does not walk too well on a leash, but she is happy to just relax and chill outside and she will respond and return to her kennel when she is called. She loves people and she will always give the paw for more affection. After her owner passed away, she spent her days living in a doorway, covered in tumors and only getting fed scraps from the neighbours...now she is tumor free, has good food and she is happy...she deserves so much to have her own home, somewhere in a calmer environment, where she can relax, feel comfortable and most importantly be loved 🥰