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Sonny - RIP <3

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Sonny has been with us for over 1 year. He was abandoned in our neighbourhood, in the rain, we found him hiding under a tree to stay dry. At first, we weren't sure if he was alive as he was unresponsive to sound. Thankfully we realized he was alive, and that he is deaf! Ge webt ti stat at Tibet Canino for almost 1 year before we finally opened the shelter. Sonny spent time in foster homes where we found out htat he is not good with other dogs. He is an amazing dog and very low maintenance. He is 6-8 years old, reactive with dogs and cats so must be the only animal in the home. Currently he is alone in a kennel and while he does get time out and his walks we would love to see him in a home where he won't be lone and get all the love and attention this awesome boy deserves.