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Hi! my name is...


TikTok Video (if available):


Schnauzer Mix




11 years (22/06/2023)




Grey / White

Special Needs?

Almost blind

Dog friendly?


Cat friendly?

Untested but should be fine

Good with kids?

No small children



More about me...

More about me

There are many dogs in the shelter that are unlikely to find their forever homes. This is often due to nothing more than their advancing years or a disability. Sula has started a project that looks for long term foster homes in PV that enables the dogs to get out of the shelter (a stressful environment for them) and into calm, loving homes. This also opens up companionship for people who may have reservations about permanently taking on a dog. The dogs remain the responsibility of Sula and vets bills are covered, we do of course still hope that there is a local adopter for Spike.

Poor Spike was dumped by his owners in his senior years. Spike was understandbly very stressed at the shelter when he had previously known a home. He has limited vision but the vet believes he can still see shadows. The decision was made to bring Spike into temporary accommodation to relieve his stress from the shelter.

He is ok with other dogs but fast movements can scare him, he needs a place where he can spend his senior years laying in the sun, he will be a pretty low maintenance dog. ❤️

If you are interested in giving Spike the love and affection he deserves please fill out an application form stating either adoption or long term foster.

Thank you




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