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The SULA Society has been working in the local community to help rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome many of the dogs in need of Puerto Vallarta.  Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful town.  The work of the many rescue organisations helps provide an environment that ensures the many tourists, that are the lifeblood of much of the town, are not subjected to often harrowing sights of stray, abandoned, and abused animals.   But you do not need to go too far from the tourist centers…


The demand unfortunately continues to grow, the SULA Shelter, the largest in Puerto Vallarta now houses around 250-300 dogs.  A mix of puppies and their mums to large breed dogs many of whom will spend their lives in the shelter.


We survive thanks to many kind donations we receive from our supporters across the Americas, through donations, fundraising, and sponsorship.    We recognise that many of our supporters are passionate about many aspects of our operations and others would appreciate knowing where their donation money is being spent. To support these we are introducing "Operation Sponsorships", sponsorship options that allow you to decide where you would like to support us.   We have tried to offer a board range so you can slect based on your budget OR your passion.   The following are the initial sponsorship options 

  • Dog of the day”, every Monday to Thursday.  Advertising one of many dogs available for adoption, most of whom get adopted on the day.

  • Friday Flicker”, every Friday.  Advertising a dog that is normally overlooked because they are not small and cute, they are not a certain breed, etc.

  • Saturday Senior”, every Saturday.    Advertising our older generation of dogs, again dogs that are not easy to get adopted but deserve their own family to be loved and give love to….

  • Sunday Specials”, every Sunday.    Advertising dogs that present a special need, animals with special needs, animals with unique circumstances….

Operational Sponsor

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