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The difference volunteers make!!!

We have always been acutely aware that we needed to improve our administration, we have been told often enough!! Well to achieve this we have been blessed with some new volunteers (and old volunteers doing more!) to make this improvement a reality.

We have a list of proactive things we would like to do, and that is all it has been, until now!!!

One of the new volunteers, Sheena from Canada, has taken on the role of assisting me in maintaining the website and expanding our social media presence. The first expansion is the creation of the SULA Society YouTube channel. Check it out and subscribe.

Lisa and Roy have been equipped with new phones and they are now producing much more high-quality images and videos of life at SULA, these videos will not only be posted on Facebook but will now be more readily accessible via the new YouTube Channel...thank you, Sheena....

Stay tuned for the next update, the improvements to the “Adoptables” listing.....

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