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Terrier Mix


8.1kg (18bs)


2 years (06/07/2023)




Shade of Brown

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More about me...

More about me

Clive, the Lost Soul in Search of Love!

Lost and longing for a warm embrace, I am Clive, a charming rescue dog desperately seeking my forever home. Picture this: a few days wandering the streets, narrowly escaping passing cars, and hoping for a morsel of kindness near a delightful Taco stand.

Don't let my grumpy face fool you; it's merely a mask of temporary sadness, waiting to be replaced by the joy of finding the love I truly deserve. Deep within my soul, I hold an abundance of sweetness, just waiting to be showered upon my chosen human companion.

With people, oh, how I shine! My heart yearns for affection, and my tail wags with unbridled enthusiasm whenever a friendly face approaches. I am a gentle soul, eager to please and ready to shower you with unconditional love. Together, we can create a bond that will withstand the test of time.

But wait, there's more to me than meets the eye. Despite my rough exterior, I am a social butterfly amongst my fellow canines. A playmate for your existing fur family, I will bring an extra dose of joy to their lives. We'll frolic in the sun, chase after toys, and enjoy the simple pleasures of a life filled with companionship.

So, dear compassionate soul, if you're ready to welcome a lost soul into your heart and home, I implore you to reach out. Let's embark on a journey of healing and happiness together, rewriting the tale of my life with chapters filled with love and security.

Clive, the resilient, the hopeful, eagerly awaits his chance at a second beginning. Are you the one who will bring an end to my wandering days?

With paws crossed and hope in my heart,

Clive, the Lost but Ready to Be Found

Clive is healthy, vaccinated and will shortly be neutered, he is ready for his forever home.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?

The adoption costs are $3,000 MXN for Mexican Nationals, $550 CND Canadian or $400 USD for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico. Adoption costs for dogs adopted in countries other than Mexico are $750 CND or $600 US dollars. Don't forget, wherever you live, to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.


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