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Did you know that dogs MUST fly under a person's ticket to be able to fly to their adoptive families? It is the last but most important step to getting them to their new lives.

It is easy, free and changes lives!  Make your trip back home the best one ever by letting a dog ride home under your ticket.  We will make all the arrangements and pay all the fees and meet you at the airport with the paperwork.  The adoptive owners will meet you at arrivals to pick up their pup.

All you need to do is fill out the application form and fly home,  We will contact you if we have an adoption to your home airport. 

Since we opened our shelter we have been extremely busy with many dogs heading to homes in the USA and Canada. 

We have a list of dogs waiting that are adopted but that can't get out of SULA because they need a flight angel to help take them to their new families. 

Are you travelling back to the USA or Canada and willing to help a dog in need? It costs nothing to become a flight angel and no extra work other than a few extra minutes at customs.

Fill out the form below to help!

flight angels5-1.jpg


Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. If we have no dogs going to your location but you are a frequent traveler we may contact you about future travel plans.
Are you a frequent traveler?

Thanks for submitting! Flight angels are essential to completing the adoptions and getting our dogs united to their owners.
We will be in contact with you if there are adoptions going to your airport when you are flying. 
Thank you again for stepping up to help our animals who have been waiting so long to have a family to love.

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