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Why Become A Volunteer?

We rely on the dedication of volunteers to be able to rescue as many animals as we do, and hopefully even more in future!

We are always in need of new volunteers at the shelter, for flight angels, fostering and even fundraisers (for those abroad who want to help!)


Volunteer Opportunities 

Experience Level
What would you do?
Moderate admin experience
Help us with the behind the scenes administrative work it takes to run a shelter.
Host one of our dogs or the occasional cat until we find their forever home.
No experience needed
Do some local fundraising at your church, school, etc. to help us rescue and provide care for our animals.
Flight Angels
Travelling from PV
No experience needed
If you are already travelling from PV to locations in Canada, USA or Mexico you can help us transport dogs to their new homes by having them accompany you on the flight at no cost to yourself. We handle all the paperwork.
Dog Bathers
Shelter, PV
No experience needed
Bathe dogs
Toy and Bed Makers
Some sewing ability
Make toys, beds and sweaters for the dogs
Shelter Area, PV
Drivers license needed
Vet runs, pickup and drop off volunteers, dog pickup, airport runs with dogs
Puppy Socializing
Shelter, PV
Some dog experience
Socialize puppies to people and new things
Shelter, PV
No experience needed
Cleaning dishes, kennels and shelter facilities
Dog Walkers
Shelter, PV
Some dog experience
Walk dogs!
Ready to Change the Lives of Some Amazing and So Loveable Dogs?
Complete the application below and get started!

Thanks for submitting and wanting to help!

We are volunteer run organization and appreciate the offer to join our mission to rescue dogs in need. Please give us a couple days to respond. 

Thanks in advance for your patience.

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