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Hi! my name is...

Lexi 2

You Tube Video (if available):


Mexican Street Dog


19 kg (42 lbs)


2 years (03/10/2023)





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More about me...

More about me

๐Ÿ’— Lexi ๐Ÿ’—

Age: 2 years (03/10/2023)
Size: 19kg (42lbs)
Breed: Mexi Mix
Sex: Female

๐Ÿพ Help Find Lexi a Loving Home ๐Ÿพ

Meet Lexi, the sweet 2-year-old pup in search of her forever home! Lexi is a beautiful dog who's been through a lot, especially after losing her beloved brother Freedom when he found and went off to his forever home.

She currently weighs 19kg and has a heart full of love to give to the right family.

Lexi is a gentle and friendly soul, but she's been feeling a little lost without her brother by her side. She's aching for a new family who can provide her with the love, attention, and companionship she craves.

๐Ÿถ Personality: Lexi is a friendly and affectionate dog. She may be a bit anxious right now, but with the right environment and love, she'll blossom into a confident and happy pup.

๐Ÿ• Compatibility: Lexi gets along well with other dogs, making her a great companion for families with existing pets. She's longing for canine company and might find comfort and security in a furry friend.

๐Ÿ˜ข Anxiety: Lexi does experience some anxiety, especially after losing her brother. She may cry occasionally, but with patience and understanding, she can become more relaxed in her new home.

๐Ÿก Home Requirements: Lexi needs an active home where she can burn off her energy. She loves to play fetch, so a yard or open space for her to run and play is essential. It's also important for her new family to be around frequently as she thrives on human companionship.

Lexi has so much love to offer and is eagerly waiting to find her special someone or family who will provide her with the love and care she deserves.

If you're looking for a loving, loyal companion and believe you can give Lexi the home she needs, please consider adopting her.

Lexi is healthy, vaccinated and ready for her forever home.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?
The adoption costs are $3,000 MXN for Mexican Nationals, $550 CND Canadian or $400 USD for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico. Adoption costs for dogs adopted in countries other than Mexico are $750 CND or $600 US dollars. Don't forget, wherever you live, to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.


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