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More about me

Miss Lulu was treated for tumors when she first arrived. It is sad news that more tumor have returned and the vet has recommended we do not continue with a second surgery. Lulu is looking for a special hospice foster home to live out the rest of her days. We are not really sure how old Lulu is, but we will say over 8. When we found her she had big open tumors on her body, and we were really unsure what we could do, maybe it was just a case of make her comfortable. Well Lulu flourished and went from strength to strength.
She has an amazing personality, and loves everybody.
Who knows what happened to her before she came to us, but one thing we do know is it has not broken her spirit.
We would love to find somebody who can give this girl a safe loving home for her twilight years, Lulu in return would shower you with love and companionship. Please if you have a space in your home and your heart consider letting Lulu in, she does not need oodles of exercise, just a nice casual walk would make her so happy, and imagine her on her own soft comfy bed ❤




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