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2.8kg (6.2 lbs)


3 years (06/10/2023)





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More about me

Three years old, a long haired chi and weighing a dainty 2.8kg, Luneta is a living testament to the transformative power of love and compassion. Her story, like that of her two furry companions, is one of hope amidst adversity. Luneta's journey began in the shadows of a troubled past. She and her two fellow canine companions found themselves in the clutches of an abusive owner, someone battling their own demons of mental health issues. The situation grew increasingly dire, as the owner openly spoke of his horrifying plan to end the lives of these innocent dogs.

However, fate had different plans for Luneta and her friends. Friends and neighbours rallied together in a display of unwavering solidarity. They took turns to foster these sweet pups, determined to rescue them from the looming darkness. The owner gave his permission for the dogs to be sterilized and thankfully then lost interest in them.

Enter the fosters – everyday heroes who took it upon themselves to provide Luneta and her companions with a new lease on life. Their dedication was nothing short of remarkable. Through their tireless efforts, Luneta and her furry friends transformed from frail and scared pups into well-nourished, confident, and loving companions.

Luneta, along with her two fellow survivors, share a heartwarming bond with humans and other dogs. Their past has not left them scarred; instead, it has taught them the beauty of resilience and the strength of love.
Remarkably, these dogs have also shown an incredible ability to coexist harmoniously with cats, proving that love knows no boundaries or species.

The story of Luneta and her friends wouldn't have been possible without the tireless dedication of the rescuers. These are individuals who might not have much in terms of material wealth but are rich in compassion and determination. They pooled their resources for the vital sterilizations and vaccinations, ensuring that Luneta and her companions could leave Tepic, Mexico, in the best possible condition for whatever the future holds. We are so very grateful to these amazing individuals.

❣️ Please note small dogs like Luneta require a little extra care, be it with Hawks, Eagles, Coyotes and some large dogs. Please ensure you are able to provide the extra level of care that a small dog requires.❣️

Lunita is healthy, vaccinated and ready for her forever home.




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