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Hi! my name is...


TikTok Video (if available):


Mixed Breed


2kg (4.4 lbs) 50+ pounds as adult


4 weeks (28/11/2023)




Fawn / Black / white

Special Needs?


Dog friendly?


Cat friendly?

Untested (A puppy should be fine with the right introduction)

Good with kids?



No still a puppy

More about me...

More about me

Deep in the heart of the bustling human world, a tiny adventurer was discovered all alone in a welding shop. Meet Mowgli, a spirited young pup with a tale as wild and enchanting as the jungle itself. Found at a tender age of just 4 weeks old, this brave soul has now found sanctuary with SULA.

Mowgli, named after the spirited jungle explorer we all know and love, is a bundle of curiosity and untamed wonder. Currently tipping the scales at 2 kilos, this little one is destined to grow to around 58lbs as an adult. A mixed breed with the spirit of adventure in his heart and the promise of loyalty in his eyes.

A puppy is no ordinary addition to one's life. It's a commitment, a pledge to nurture, guide, and cherish a companion for upwards of 16 years. It takes patience, dedication, and time to raise a pup like Mowgli, to teach him the ways of our human world while embracing his canine spirit.

Mowgli is on a quest to find a forever home, where he can thrive and grow into the majestic canine he's meant to be. If you feel the call of the wild and have the time and devotion to offer, consider welcoming this intrepid soul into your heart and home.

Remember, adopting a furry friend is not just a choice, it's a promise—a promise to provide love, care, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Mowgli is healthy and is looking for his forever home after he has been fully vaccinated.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?

The adoption costs are $3,000 MXN for Mexican Nationals, $550 CND Canadian or $400 USD for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico. Adoption costs for dogs adopted in countries other than Mexico are $750 CND or $600 US dollars. Don't forget, wherever you live, to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.




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