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5.4kg (11.9lbs)


10 Months (09/11/2023)




Fawn / White

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Older respectful children



More about me...

More about me

Rocky, is on the lookout for his forever family! This resilient little guy has a story that tugs at the heartstrings, and we believe he deserves all the love and comfort a real home can provide.

Rocky, along with his mom and sibling, had a rough start to life. They were brought in the back of a dusty pick-up truck, by a man who claimed they belonged to his daughter. However, something didn't quite add up about their living situation. According to the driver, they resided in a garage because they weren't allowed in the house. It's likely that Rocky and his sister missed out on crucial socialization during their key puppy fear periods.

The shelter, though a temporary refuge, is a loud and stressful place for a delicate soul like Rocky. We strongly believe that he and his sister would thrive much better in a loving home environment. Rocky, in particular, needs a patient family with older, respectful children. He may initially be timid, but with time and care, he will learn that the world is not as big and scary as it may seem.

If you think you can provide Rocky with the love, care, and active lifestyle he deserves, please fill out an application form.

Rocky is healthy, vaccinated and ready for his forever home.

🟢 If you are interested in adopting Rocky please fill out an application form in the first instance 🟢

Thank you for considering adoption

If you would like to donate to Sula or sponsor a dog to ensure we can keep helping these beautiful animals please go to: or

Our current Go Fund Me

Thank you for considering adoption.


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