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More about me

💙 Saving Simba 💙

We saw a post about Simba, and at the same time received a message asking for us to help him. We did not realize at the time that this poor boy was really close to the shelter, and that we had reached out to try to help him over a year ago, as it was clear he was sick then, showing all the symptoms of distemper. Unfortunately we were told that we could not take him and that a vet was treating. That was the last we saw of him until now.
This time we went with our vet to talk to the owner, the video shows how he was found, in clear need of help, the tic may be the result of him having distemper last year, or he may have contracted it again?
The owner informed us that they had put him outside of their home when he got sick as they had other pets, and they did not want them to become sick. This time their was no objection to us taking him.
He is now with our vet.
Simba will probably always have the tic that you can see on the video, it may lessen a bit with time.
Some may say that he would be better off to be put to sleep, but we have seen with our own eyes just how well a distemper survivor can do, we have Roo and Ruby both survivors of this awful disease that is preventable with vaccinations, Roo and Ruby are at the shelter and both run and play and have amazing personalities.

We are looking for a sponsor for Simba if you would like it to be you please go to

To donate to help us to look after Simba and the other dogs in our care please go to


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