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Belgian Shepard Mix


22 kg (48 lbs)


1.5 - 2 years




Tan / Black

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More about me...

More about me

Poor Vanilla had been hiding alone in the corn fields close to the shelter for a while. However with food he soon learned to trust that not all humans are cruel.
Completed a full behavioural assessment of Vanilla, although he is fearful he has absolutely no aggression towards humans and other dogs. When I first assessed him he would not walk even a few steps and just wanted to get back to his crate. Even though he was terrified he let me pick him up (not an easy task due to his size especially as a heard of cows were charging by) However this was not a problem as he trusted me so he let me carry him back to the shelter.
The next day he was out and playing with the dogs the shelter. He is still resistant to walking on a leash but making progress each and every day. I fitted a harness which made walking him a lot easier. He loves to be loved and will lay down for endless belly rubs.
He shows no resource guarding of people or food.
We are keen to get him out of the shelter and into his forever home ASAP as he will thrive in a home where there is less noise and chaos. He really wants to please and will make an ideal hiking / running companion once he feels more confident on the leash.
He is likely a Belgian Shepherd mix so he will need an active home that is able to provide stimulation for his high level of intelligence.

What does it cost to adopt a dog?
The adoption costs are $3,000 MXN for Mexican Nationals, $550 CND Canadian or $400 USD for Temporary or Permanent residents living in Mexico. Adoption costs for dogs adopted in countries other than Mexico are $750 CND or $600 US dollars. Don't forget, wherever you live, to budget for all the other things your new fur-baby will need.




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