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Sponsor a Dog with The Sula Society


Sponsoring a dog is a unique opportunity to make a difference by directly helping one of our shelter dogs. Your generous monthly donation will help provide shelter, medical treatment, rehabilitation, training, food, and other costs that are directly associated with the care of your sponsor dog.

Dog Sponsorship Program

Our dog sponsorship program is for people who want to become more involved in a rescued dog's life and help us continue our rescue efforts.

Most of the rescued dogs we see need initial vet care and can need continued care for untreated complications from living in the streets or neglect. Maintaining and caring for these dogs is a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Most dogs spend months at the rescue so we can be sure their physical health condition is managed and any behavioral problems (usually stemming from being abused or neglected) can be rehabilitated so they can live a normal and happy life.


Each day we come across new cases and would love to rescue more dogs in need, but we need your support! We take sponsors seriously, so we ask that once you decide to become a sponsor, you take your commitment seriously.

Please do not take on more of a commitment than you can afford. It costs approximately $1,700.00 Peso (approximately $110.00 CAD/$85.00 USD)  per month to care for a dog. We are happy to accept any amount from our sponsors, but we do ask that you commit to a regular monthly donation.

You will receive a picture of the specific dog you chose to sponsor, with a brief description of them and then monthly updates on their progress and any major change.   You can also opt to be recognized on any posts we make about your sponsored dog and in our monthly thank you to our sponsors, this is your choice.

 Once the pet is adopted, we will notify you of the wonderful news, and if available we will send you a photo of the dog with its forever family. From there, you will be able to read any updates about the dog on our Facebook Page, or Friends of SULA Facebook Group, and see how they are transitioning into their new home.

How Do I Enroll?

Our Sponsor a Dog program is an automatic monthly donation program. It only takes a moment to sign up through your PayPal account, where you will be automatically billed each month. You can cancel at any time. To get started fill out the Sponsorship Form and our Sponsorship Coordinator will contact you.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ's

Dog Sponsor Application

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