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If you get cold feet - please, please, please talk to us......

So life in Rescue is normally pretty rates and reduced donations are a reality of the global economy that we are all add on top of that no access to money!!!

Yes, no access to why?

We had an adoption being processed, nothing unusual, this happens every day and is an essential stream of funding for the Society. So this particular adopter pays the deposit via eTransfer, as most Canadians prefer, then gets cold feet and decides to go about canceling the deposit payment! Instead of asking us for a refund (hence the title) calls the bank and reports it as a fraud.....the baloon goes up and their bank accounts are frozen AND the receiving bank account is also frozen!!! Not just the deposit amount but every dollar in the account.....

This caused enormous stress for the volunteer who collects the monies as it was one of their accounts, for us as we lost access to the main funds to run the daily operations of the shelter, and for I am sure the potential adopter..

Any likeness to Barbara or Kathy is coincidental...

After days of dealing with the bank (almost a full week!), our volunteer finally got our account unfrozen, just in time to pay wages...or that would have been even more stressful.

So lessons to learn;

  1. Please do not commence the adoption process unless you have done your due diligence and are happy that we are a very reputable organisation.

  2. If for any reason you get cold feet or circumstances change (as they do in life) talk to us -we accept change and can simply refund.

  3. But whatever you do DO NOT cry fraud to the banking institutions...please, please, please talk to us!!!

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