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So much happens at SULA - we want to give an insight.....

At The SULA Society so much happens on a daily basis that we wanted to find a way to give you, our supporters, a small insight of what happens, the good, the bad and ugly...

  • The rescues we undertake

  • The adoptions we process

  • The work of our volunteer community

  • ...

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Whoop, Whoop, we have water......

Great start to the day, after several attempts to prime and start the system finally we have water, my fingers are crossed it will be the case for all day..... However, having called back home to get

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We are looking forward to hearing from you! We appreciate how much work it must be to care for all the dogs at Sula. We're looking forward to Mar joining our 11 yr old Mexican rescue dog who has been depressed and lonely after loosing his sister (who he came to Canada with him at 2 monthes old). I'm sure when Pedro meets Mar life will be happy again...he will smell Mexico on her and remember all the fun and great times he had with his sister... All the best Tracy y Pedro

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